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Since finishing my first draft, admittedly, I’ve twiddled my thumbs a little. Not wanting to start editing right before I go on holiday I’d planned to read more and write pieces for my 2nd book. However, work and life has got the better of me and life has become a marathon of dishes, laundry and cooking. It’s not terrible though, It will only be a few weeks until I’m back into routine and so in the mean time, I’ve decided to enter a short story writing competition (700 words). This has enabled me to experience the ‘light’ version of completing a story (writing, reading and editing). Great practice for busy people. It’s also a brilliant way to get over the fear of showing your work to people, if you have one. Once I’ve finished my piece and submitted it, I intend to publish it here in my blog for the same reason. It’s a hurdle we must overcome.
A quick look online and on Twitter taught me that there are many writing competitions available (though the majority seem to be for kids) and I urge any new writer to have a go. Writer’s magazine and Writer’s Digest are just two publications that offer writing competitions. Chances of actually winning are slim, but it’s the taking part that counts! If you know of any good competitions to enter – please share them in comments.

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