The Mid-season finale

Because this blog was set up to document my writing journey, I feel I must blow my own trumpet and share my news:
The first draft of my debut novel is now complete! (And yes, I’m enthusiastic so included the almost illegal exclamation mark).

Of course, this is no ‘grand finale’ as the real work is yet to begin. I must now leap out of imaginary daydream land and embark upon the slog of reviewing my plot, adding depth to my scenes and characters, reading from a readers POV and so on. Then there’s the nitty gritty, the conversation critique, punctuation pondering and vocabulary varying.

Before I start the editing process, I’m going to take a break for a few weeks- my reasons are:

1. I want to come back to the story with a fresh pair of ‘reader’ eyes.

2. I want to read a few more novels from the genre, my story is written but is it written as well as others? Do I need another layer of depth?

3. I’m going on holiday.

Questions for discussion:

When you got around to editing your 1st draft, did you jump right in or take a break 1st?

How do you prefer to edit, on screen or on paper? I’m a paper fan but understand the pros of editing on screen.

I’m going to need Post-it notes…in their abundance!

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  1. One of my fav. posts… that explains writers norms in words, smoothly.

    Well sweetheart, me too either a paper fan or a fan of paper, so fond of papers, love holding a pen in a hand & get myself strewn whole over the peeled sheet of written-yet-unwritten pages, however, when it comes to editing, am always wondered whether should i hold a pen with a RED ink or get dappled upon the heartbeats of computer screen? Quite hard to answer but editing on screen’s a best choice, as far am concerned about modernism. It’s a great way to look through our own novels widely, onwards. Time consuming norms! But editing on paper is itself an old fashioned trend that am dang infatuated with since ‘eons.

    Editing should be done a week later the post’s just written. It’s a great way to stir more ingredients with words that catch readers eyes. So yes, taking a break is must before continuing whatever one has to bleed in.

    keep it up, pretty. Looking 4ward to smoke you!

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