Publishing – The moment it all comes together…

banner-picThe last time I posted, I’d completed my novel. I discussed the anxieties writers have when it comes to sharing their work – for those of you that read my last post, you’ll know that I chose to share my complete manuscript with some beta readers.

I’m glad to say, on the whole, there were some minor suggestions for improvement but the beta readers were very nice, polite and complimentary of the work, so there was no need to be fearful in the end (hindsight is a beautiful thing).

After some tweaks here and there I submitted my work HQDigital and was lucky enough to be offered a digital publishing contract. The experience so far has been great, my editor is lovely, very supportive and approachable which has made the whole process enjoyable. The gorgeous cover for my novel was also designed by HQDigital, who have their own excellent marketing team. I know not everyone wishes to go down the publishing route these days but for me, I wanted to focus on writing and not marketing. Plus, being new to the field, I was keen to gather some expertise and ‘muscle’ behind me. I thought I’d put together a few short and snappy tips for approaching a publisher directly. NB, there aren’t many publishers that will accept work directly but I was able to find a small handful that accepted submissions online.

  • Ensure your work is as polished as you can before you send it off. Get some feedback from beta readers and edit like crazy.
  • Check the requirements of the publisher. Most of them will ask for three chapters, a cover letter and synopsis of around 700 words. All of which should be polished. Have people read your letter and synopsis too.
  • If you can get a copy of ‘The Writer’s and Artists Yearbook’, there are some great tips in there for how to address a publisher or agent.
  • Address the publishing editor by name if possible (the details are sometimes available on the website).

Do you have experience in contacting publishers or publishing agents? If you’ve any tips to share, post them in the comments below.

‘The Secret to Falling in Love’ is available to download on the 9th of February.


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