Novel complete 

The final part in the process for a writer, is sharing your work. Starting out is exciting, you have all these ideas floating around in your head that you just have to get down on paper. Then you string them together and form a story, you edit it and make sure it works – maybe you even chuckle a bit at the funny parts or weep when you reach the deeper parts. Following that you’ll polish your manuscript, correcting those punctuation omissions that were missed at the height of your creative streak, maybe you’ll even pay an editor to do it to ensure it’s your best work.

If you went through the process like I did, chances are you weren’t giving much thought to actually having to share your work with other people. Gulp.

For me, it’s been the most daunting part of the whole writing process. Now, I did have a manuscript critique and I paid for editing so I received some great feedback. However, the writing group in a member of suggested I share my work further to gain even more feedback before going any further. So, I decided to upload my novel onto Wattpad. There appears to be a lot of supportive people on there and hopefully any criticism will be constructive. If you’re interested in romantic comedy and would like to take a look (it’s entirely free) please follow me on Wattpad and look up ‘Disconnected’ by Victoria Cooke. Any feedback welcome. Chapters 1-4 are currently uploaded with the rest coming soon.

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