Learning to juggle

No, I haven’t mastered a circus skill but it’s been just as challenging. I’m talking about juggling ‘life’ whilst fitting in time to write.

I, like many had several ideas that ‘would make great books’. I told my husband that one day I would write a book, I told my friends about my ideas, I even tried once or twice. The first time I was young and naive, fancying myself as the next JK Rowling. As it transpired I couldn’t better  (or come close to perfecting) her magical world of wizardry so that was that. The second time, I’d done quite a lot of work on a romantic comedy. At the time I ran a tiny boutique – the summer months were a wash-out and unsurprisingly, not many people wanted to try on the carefully selected, colourful numbers in my window, so all alone, I wrote.

Rookie error #2 shortly followed: I didn’t back up my writing, so when my laptop was cruelly stolen, my work was gone too. Put off, I didn’t return to the idea of writing until recently. On maternity leave I found time to do a writer’s course which gave me some great basics, being well-read, keen and full of ideas I was ready to go.

But…babies get bigger and turn into narcissistic toddlers with total authoritarian control, in addition maternity leave doesn’t last and pretty soon I was back in my routine with ‘no time’ for writing.

Then, I bought a notebook. ‘No time for writing’ I thought, but I did have time to at least jot down my ideas, y’know for if the Earth’s rotation slowed, the days became longer and I DID find that elusive extra time.

Sickness was my blessing in disguise. On a Christmas trip to Center Parcs, sickness struck everyone but me. I was left alone for an entire night and I wrote! I already had my plot, my main characters and paragraphs ready written to slot in. I wrote all night and I enjoyed it! Once I’d done that first 2000 words I was hooked and so I MADE time. I now have two time slots set aside each week that are for me to write. Of course my ideas don’t magically flourish and blossom out through my finger tips in those time slots, in fact 99.9% of the time they flourish in my head when I’m trying to sleep. I type them up on my phone and email them to myself ready to a slot in during my ‘writing time’.

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