I’ve got new glasses, now I look the part…

I will start my writing when I get a new laptop, desk, chair etc. Sound familiar? This is totally me, my way of procrastinating without actually admitting it – I’m not procrastinating, I’m just delaying my start time! When embarking upon a new hobby or venture, my thought process usually includes validations for delay such as: ‘ I want to run but I need new trainers’, ‘I want to go to Pilates but need a mat’,  ‘I want to go to the supermarket but don’t have a carrier bag’ (ok that last one was on the lame side) and so on. 
The truth is, if we really want to do something, we must grab the bull by the horns and get on with it. This is what I did – I gave my head a wobble and pushed myself.
So what if we don’t have the right gear? I hear you cry – make do and justify the need for it first! Now my ‘needs’ become my reward – I didn’t need (how I long to italicise the word need) new glasses but after my first 50,000 words, when I was well on my way with my novel, I treated myself to a flashy new pair (she pic for justification – they’re fab aren’t they?). I also needed* (*wanted) an office, but that was a while off. A playroom came first, so one home extension later we now have an incredibly messy playroom and a tiny office. BUT before that, I sat in my old glasses on the sofa with my laptop balanced on a cushion, and it was fine! As a result I’m a year ahead of my previous procrastinating self – go me! 

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