Getting into the zone – The two ways I write 


This could be normal, or not (feedback welcome). But I have two ‘writing modes’ I never know which ‘mode’ I will be in each day when I wake up and I don’t know which produces the best literature but I wanted to share them for feedback.
Mode 1 – When the words come to me.
Usually this occurs in bed when I want to sleep but ideas involuntary pop into my head. It can be just a phrase or sentence that seems profound or well worded, sometimes it could be just a combination of two words whereas other times I’ve had complete plots come into my head. I generally always forget these ideas (occupational hazard of being a mummy), yet I can always remember that I’d had a fab idea! After forgetting a few Pulitzer Prize winners in the making, I started to record these ideas and write them up (those of you that have been following my blog will already know this). Usually these are my most creative ideas and generally make it into my work. During the day it’s hard to get into this zone unless I’m completely distraction-free. That not only means working alone in silence, it means being clear headed too. Not being in this frame of mind doesn’t mean I can’t write though, it just makes it more laboured and takes more time to get it right.
Mode 2 – When I find the words.
This usually occurs during my dedicated writing slot, those ideas from bed time don’t always form the story so sometimes thought and brain wrecking is in order. Usually these ideas for the practical parts of my story – tying up loose ends, moving the story on etc. This type of thought can often be more time consuming – I can sit thinking of the best word (yes word as in 1/80,000 approx) to fit the character / style / plot etc. 
So which mode produces the best work? Do other writers have the same two-fold style of writing? Personally I need both, the creative and practical styles are what are bringing my story together. Thinking of the words means thought has gone into it from a readers perspective too, the creative thoughts are usually my personal style.

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  1. I find the best ideas tend to hit me while I’m out running or in the shower – somewhere I can’t immediately jot them down.
    I figure that’s because my Muse is slightly perverted & enjoys seeing me struggle. I assume that’s not uncommon for others.
    But then sometimes fun, interesting, serendipitous things can jump onto the page as I’m writing, in such a mysterious manner it makes me wonder how this weird thing we call the mind actually works – because if I’d spent years working to “plan” something out for a story it wouldn’t have come out as graceful and subtle and surprising as it does while working “in the flow.”
    But most of the time, writing for me is like when I worked construction – it’s work crafting esch little part, and you hope that (to use a well-known quote) “if you build it, they will come.”

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