Editing – Day 1

It hasn’t gone incredibly well I’m afraid to say. Reading my own work has been hard, cringe-worthy in fact and I’m not sure why. Compared to similar pieces of writing it doesn’t stand out as being dreadful or even any worse. I think, being completely honest, I’d wanted it to be better than anything I’ve read before and it’s falling short of that expectation. As a result, I’ve spent the day rewording, trying to weave a web of flowery intricate language for my readers to devour.
But, then I changed large amounts of it back to its original form. The reasons are, that the intention of my book (a modern rom / com) is not to be the most well written piece of English it can be in terms of language, its purpose is purely to entertain a wide audience. I sat and thought about it and realised that I personally would not be entertained much if I spent copious amounts of time reaching for a dictionary as I read, especially if I was relaxing by a pool somewhere.
My book is to entertain the masses, easy reading if you like and I think as somebody that has studied literature dating back to Chaucer times, it’s hard to write ‘lighter’. Despite this, the genre and style I’m writing in is what I read to relax and as such I though it would come easiest. It didn’t, call it chick-lit, a holiday read or what ever you like but please share my newly discovered respect for the genre.

Don’t look at the pink and turquoise covers and dismiss them as ‘low brow’, I can wholeheartedly say that my ‘higher brow’ pieces of writing have been much easier to write. Humour and romance are hard to get right on paper (and I was once voted funniest student at university so I’m well qualified in that department).

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  1. Sometimes it seems easier to hide behind the eloquence of obscure words than it is to find the everyday language that we use as “regular” human beings. I can certainly appreciate your struggle – finding that balance between wanting a piece of writing to jump off the page, but at the same time seep into the mind of the reader.

    But, that’s the great thing about writing, isn’t it? We can change our story a million times, although I try not to go quite that far ;-), read it to ourselves, and determine whether our language fits with the story in our heart. When we can get out of our own way and let the story find its way onto the page, it usually comes out exactly how it’s supposed to 🙂

    Best of luck, keep writing (and editing) 😉

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