Editing Continued 

image I’ve not blogged much recently as I’ve really dived into editing. It’s my first edit and those of you who read my previous blog may remember that I’d had a tough start. I spent a lot of time analysing each line;

•Was it rubbish?

•Did it convey meaning to the reader?

•Did it add to the story?

•Did it entertain?

I can tell you – it is exhausting to go about your initial edit that way. So I stopped, I started taking a paragraph at a time instead, sometimes a page, I still applied those questions but I didn’t beat myself up if I thought it could be better. Instead I added, refined and re-read. Sometimes I was happy enough to move on, other times I knew a part wasn’t quite good enough but wasn’t sure what to do about it. In those cases I moved on. If I get as much polished as possible, I can pick up the rest of the rougher bits in the second edit – my thoughts are that they will stand out more when the rest is polished and it should be a bit easier to improve.

This initial edit has been done on screen, I figured that the first edit may include a large amount of added text, cutting / pasting and error correction so would be quicker / easier to do it this way. I still have the last quarter of my novel to complete and then I’m going to do a hardcopy 2nd edit. As the story should have taken shape after edit #1, I want to hold it and read it like a book (of course my red pen will be in hand) and get more of a reader’s POV.

The final thing I want to share is (to me) quite exciting! I’ve booked a manuscript critique for the end of next month so I’ve got an actual deadline – a godsend to me! Firstly I work well to deadlines and secondly – if I know someone will be reading my work I will make sure it’s the best I can do!

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  1. I know exactly how you feel! I’m in the same position except this is my second round of editing. after my first round I sent mine off for a manuscript critique. He was really good in giving me some good feedback. I definitely recommend it.

    • It’s good to know you found it useful – thank you. I was unsure at first as I wasn’t confident enough that my work would be worth spending the money on (if I’m honest), but I’ve worked on it for over a year so…in for a penny…

      If you don’t mind me asking, are you going to use a proof reading / editing service afterwards?

      • Same here! I didn’t know if it was worth it in the beginning, but I found someone who didn’t cost as much as I was being quoted elsewhere!

        My husband thinks I should send it back to the same guy, but I may just ask some Beta readers to have a read through and give me some feedback.

        • I was thinking of using Beta readers too once I’ve refined it after the critique. I’m think I may need someone to check SPAG too though but that service does seem pricey, though not an easy job I imagine!

          • Yeah, I know what you mean.

            Is this your first novel? Are you planning to self publish?

            This is my first and I’m planning to self publish. Spending so much on my first novel is something I don’t really want to do, but after putting so much effort onto it, I want it to be the best it can be.

            But on the other hand, who says that I will even make my money back? So I think getting a few people to read your work, give me feedback may be good enough! 🙂

  2. The entire editing thing is definitely a process. I really like your idea of breaking things down into smaller chunks, and having the insight to let things site for awhile, trusting that everything will pull together when the time is right. There is a delicate balance between stubborn determination and carefree faith that is required in this crazy writing life we lead, isn’t there? 😊

    • Haha most definitely – my whole attitude to life is to ignore problems, they can’t last forever right? 😂😉

      Do you ever find problems that keep you awake at night seem trivial when you wake up in the morning? THAT is proof of my method 😂

      • All. the. time. It’s amazing how I lay in bed at night staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep, wondering how in the world I will get through the litany of problems that are sure to surface on the following morning. Amazingly, the day proceeds just fine while the problems that were anticipated were severely over-exaggerated. Best of luck with your editing. Looking forward to following along with you on your journey – and to feed off your positive energy in the process 🙂

  3. How have things changed since you posted this? I’m in one of the book groups on Facebook that you’re in and found you that way.

    I’m in the trenches of editing right now. The only thing that’s helped me the most is exporting my google doc to ePub and reading it on iBooks. Kind of gives me a sense of what it will look like and helps me break down the paragraphs while I’m editing.

  4. Hi there – I do recognise you from the FB group. Things have certainly changed a bit since I wrote this (though I’m almost coming full circle with book 2).

    You’re idea of exporting to a different format is certainly a good one. I only found this out very recently (I’d uploaded to Wattpad and discovered by accident how typos / formatting errors etc were much more obvious). It’s a fantastic piece of advice, especially when running a second or third edit. Mine had already been through a professional edit and still I spotted things that had gone unnoticed.

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