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It’s International Chick Lit Month and we’re celebrating by giving away a Kindle paperwhite complete with 30 ebooks to one lucky hopper! All you have to do is read the blog and follow the instructions at the bottom of this post.

This stop is for book boyfriend Scott Richardson, from my novel, The Secret to Falling in Love.

Hi, I’m SCOTT, welcome to my stop on the Book Boyfriend Blog hop for #ChickLitMay. My wife Mel put me up for this book boyfriend award (insert your own mental image of me looking rather sheepish here).

I’d love to start with a Joey Tribiani style ‘How you doing?’ and really get all of you ladies falling at my feet, but I can’t pull that off. I’m just a normal bloke, your guy-next-door type in fact and actually, Mel’s mum lives next door to my mum so there’s a tenacious reality there. Mel thinks the world of me and I’m taking part in this for her but if Mr Darcy is up, or even that Mr Grey guy, please don’t feel bad about voting for either of them over me.


PHOTO CREDIT: Andrew Cooper, covermenmag.com

Anyway, qualities. Well, my dog, Rosie the chocolate lab, loves me and would sing my praises if she could sing. Other than that, I can ski. If you wish to picture me as a James Bond style action hero at this point then please do. Otherwise, you can go with the more realistic mental image of me trying to teach a completely useless Mel how to ski. Now if you’ve read her version of events in The Secret to Falling in Love, she’d have you believe I’m a terrible instructor. That is simply not the case, I’d just never met anyone with such awful listening skills before. She did later tell me that she’d been daydreaming about me when she missed my instructions on how to stop, so I didn’t get too cross when she careered straight into me, knocking me over into the snow. Mainly because she landed on top of me and I think we had our first ‘moment’.

Flaws – do we include flaws? Probably not but I’d feel dishonest if I didn’t. I’ve been married before. Not that being divorced is a flaw, but my wife left me for a woman so I’m sure there’s a flaw in there somewhere (Mel’s friend Doris believes it’s my lack of boobs). Actually, that’s a disguise, for my worst flaw – my mother. I hear your gasps! Don’t get me wrong, I love her dearly but she can interfere somewhat and actually tried to set Mel and I up after my wife left me. Mel’s mother was involved in that particular conspiracy too and Mel nearly didn’t give me the time of day because of it. Luckily I won her over with my charm and a mouthful of tortilla chips – can I add ‘charm’ to qualities?

Should Mr Darcy / Grey be disqualified for whatever reason, and you want to vote for me, you can do you by e-mailing the name ‘SCOTT RICHARDSON’ to traciebanister@gmail.com and if you do, you’ll make Mel very happy and my mum very proud.

Once you’ve voted, enter our Kindle giveaway:

Hop at all the blog stops below and collect the candidate’s name at each stop. Then submit all 30 names to traciebanister@gmail.com to be entered in our Grand Prize giveaway. This giveaway includes a Kindle Paperwhite + 30 e-books, including ‘The Secret to Falling in Love’. Entries for the hop will be accepted until Sunday, May 21st at midnight E.D.T. A winner will be chosen on Monday, May 22nd. This Grand Prize giveaway is open internationally.

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You can download Scott and Melissa’s story in The Secret to Falling in Love.


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  2. Aw, poor guy. Sounds like he went through the wringer with his first marriage. I’m glad he found love again! P.S. The fact that his dog adores him makes Scott a great guy in my eyes. Plus, he’s not hard to look at. 😉

  3. Love the meddling mothers. And the dog – guys with dogs are even hotter!! (I need to give J.B. a dog!)

  4. You can tell a lot about a guy by how he treats his mother, right? Scott sounds like a winner!

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