Can writers be good at more than one genre?

The answer is as general as ‘fiction’. The reason I posed the question is really because I want some feedback. Currently I’m working on a romantic comedy (chick-lit if you prefer). It’s a light easy read with a few chuckles along the way – hopefully when it’s finished it will work well and slot right into the romantic comedy genre.
However, I also have a dark dystopian YA book in me, it’s planned and sometimes when I’m trying to sleep whole sections of the book come to me and I write them down. I’m 99% sure that when I finish my rom-com I will be able to pick up working on that one without issue.

I don’t have a strong preference for either style of writing over the other (I love both) I just know I’m passionate about them both, the words ‘come to me’ with both stories yet the style of writing / characters etc are polar opposites.
My theory is that because I enjoy reading a variety of different books spanning multiple genres from horror to romance, it’s only natural to have ideas for a range of stories from across the board.

The most important thing for now however is finishing my 1st novel!

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  1. For sure!
    I write on avrious topics and my first couple books are very different, and the third idea I have is in a different genre yet again.
    I think anyone that writes well and has plenty imagination can acheive genre crossing.
    Although i am sure marketers will tell anyone that it makes life difficult for them.

    • Thanks for that, when I talk to others about my ideas (non-writers), I get the impression they feel my ‘flitting’ means I’m not committed and I’m just one of the many people that fancies the idea of writing a novel. I actually think it would be harder to have a great success of a book that you then feel you must try to replicate. Do you use different pen names or publish them all under the same ‘author’?

      • I think I might consider a pen name in a different genre after my first book (however that does). I dont know if it would help or not though. But authors like Rowling and King have done it however they were famous already. What i’m saying is, i’m not sure lol

    • Thank you – that’s what I thought, I think I would find it difficult to reinvent the same ideas – I will have the most eclectic mix of novels in a few years!

  2. Go for it! Some of my favorite authors write in multiple genres (V.E. Schwab, Neil Gaiman), and others might not be at the top of my list but are hugely successful at it, like Nora Roberts/JD Robb.

  3. I believe that it is completely possible. Unfortunately some people are always remembered for one category style novels and never allowed to express themselves in any other manner.
    I’m hoping to do the same with my novels … My short stories on my blog I like to dabble in different genres to get a feel for it as testing ground…and all I can say is Do it!
    I look forward to seeing multi genre novels from you 🙂

    • Thank you – I do too. I’ve just come across some opinions (from non writers) along the vein of ‘Jack of all trades’ and ‘stick to what you know’. It made me wonder about general opinion. I know some authors have successfully switched genre (some not so). I feel if you’re well read, it’s only natural. Thank you for your support.

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